Maybe I Have a Sense of Direction Here

After a bit of thought, consideration and posting my first copyrighted lyric I think I may indeed have a way to a means of organizing the library. So I’ll post a lyric from several different genres and give a bit of the history of the thought process that went into them. I will eventually post a youtube video to coincide with each one but I’m waiting on dentures that won’t be ready until around June.

I will admit that I probably cannot sing these out that great but I should be able to convey well enough what I hear in my head.

Michael L. Burris/Mitchell N Haleyou

“Life is way too short not to look at the lighter side of it.” & “I simply hope that people like what it is that I do.”

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There is such a thing as being overwhelmed and biting off more than one can chew no matter how passionate one might be about a project. I have the library built but it just isn’t ready for launch.

I’ll post one lyric I wrote and copyrighted a while back. The reason I like this one is because it was somewhat inspired by the new word in the dictionary coined “twerking”. I thought it might be kind of cool to have a song with a “catchy” made up word called Condespiration.

I had a couple offers to get it produced or a demo made but I just wasn’t sure of the validity or weight of where the offers came from.

Condespiration Meaning: The Conundrum of feeling desperate and inspired simultaneously.

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Library Still Under Construction

All my rough draft originals have been brought to my library. The two and a half year span ended up being 81 songs that I could sort and about sixty miscellaneous pages from works that can probably be turned into another 15-20 songs.

Looking back brought back all kinds of emotions from hope to healing to pesimism and destruction.

I have a lot of organzation to do now that the library has materials. The April 19th tentative date may have to be pushed back but at least the foundation is here.

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Building Block/Step One

I have finally somewhat organized my handwritten lyrics spanning a few years.

The first step in building this site is to scan in, create and organize a personal media library for my work.

Some things are type-written but most are the old-fashioned pen and paper.

My plan is to have the written lyric available side by side with the type written polished version.

Many songs I wrote I had an artist in mind for them, some were inspired by other means and no artist in mind. Some were written intended for an artist similar to a famous artist.

I figure it can’t hurt to say who I had in mind for each endeavor and I am realistic enough to realize the chances of someone famous to like what I do to be slim to nil. However stranger things have happened and who knows.

I’m hoping to add video feebly singing out some lyric’s they way I hear them. My voice admittedly probably sucks but who knows maybe something will resonate with someone eventually.

I can’t use teeth pain as an excuse as I’ve had all my uppers removed and will have dentures by the end of May. Still dang sore too. Gums really hurt and video won’t be available for a while.

I’m going to set the tentative launch date April 19th, 2015

Mitchell N Haleyou/Michael L. Burris

“I simply hope what I do; people like.”

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Future Site of Lyripella

This is the future site of Lyripella set to launch mid-April.

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