“I take screenw…

“I take screenwriting and the craft very every emotion and adjective. Seriously”

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“The Blacklist” Milton Bobbit (2014)


Audience Draw
Author: mitchellhaleyou from United States
31 March 2014

Well The plot as always seems to thicken. What a weaved web of deception. Every answer seems to lead to more questions. I never knew or experienced a show more like a game of chess. Is Red the grand deceiver? Is Lizzy just being sucked in by Red? Was Tom the facilitator? What twists and turns will this show take? Is my contemplation just a reflection of what the writers want the audience to perceive? Will I solve the master mystery? I truly never have a experienced a more convoluted plot in all my years of watching television. The writers are superb yet I wonder if I should just take the show at face value as the characters many times must do. Will Red be the hero the good guy or is he truly the most evil one in the history of evil? Perhaps Tom truly is the evil one? Does anybody know want to know or should we just watch? Your guess is as good as mine.

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“A good screenw…

“A good screenwriter is able to embody many other screenwriters and writers and those that can are extremely fortunate as long as they never lose sight of themselves as not only a writer but a person.”

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Getting It Better Slowly

This Social Media and developing a multi-faceted blog site is in some respects such a pain. But as much with many aspects of life and the creation of media a  necessary pain of growing and reinventing.

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Lyric – Condespiration

Lyric – Condespiration.

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Keeping This Blog running not giving up hope!!

I knew upon embarking on this blog I would have a long road to travel to ever get anything produced. Money, money, money and more of it seems to be the case in investing. Not that it takes a ton of money but constant investments are necessary and hard on a limited budget. These are also a lot of things I’ve learned that don’t require money and can absorb from. At least now I know it is not a constant struggle but will probably be a constant push to my dying day. I will maintain that mindset even when I become successful by industry standards. 

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Long Time Coming

I have isolated myself from my blog and grown immensely since. I realize these prior idle ramblings in the sense of self was nothing much more than a diary of an aspiring writer. Not that I should forget any of the posts or feelings but to realize in retrospect the amount of growing I have done. Peace out All! May everyone achieve their dreams of impacting the media world.

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