Sticking Around

Although I’m not launching Lyripella until mid-April I’m still sticking around and posting to this blog periodically. I’m having a pretty rough week but instead of being inspired by adversity like I usually am, I’m just feeling all around blah.

Health adversity is the absolute hardest thing to overcome for a creative. Criticisms are nothing compared to health adversity. Well I better quit feeling sorry for myself right this moment and not become overwhelmed especially because I can’t lose the lighter side of life that drives my core being. Never lose what drives your core might be a theme to work on if I felt like working on anything.

Just Me.

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Hatred Is Crazy

I haven’t wrote a lyic in a while and was taking a break from screenwriting. Here an idea I came up with.

Hared Is Crazy

Hatred is crazy, causes confusion, makes your mind cloudy like the water in a

muddy puddle.

Hatred is stupid, causes reaction, makes you make action in that state of  mind

called befuddle.

A cloudy mind of hatred will make you react in a state of being much like that of

one who’s blind.

Anger can always be understood even misguided but the act of hatred let’s all

coolness unwind.


There just ain’t no goodness in hatred, anger is fine and can even be a cool resolve.

When all you have is hatred there isn’t gonna be one damn problem you can solve.

Anger is fine, it can even be beneficial exciting the mind, maybe even easing tensions you will find.

Hatred is a tangled muddy flow of knowledge clouding the eyes soon it is gonna go make you blind.

I say it’s OK to be angry even at the world but when anger leads to hatred and violence you yourself are the only cause.

Before you go thinking hatred  and violence is OK in any kind of way maybe you should stop to think of self,  pause.

Not claiming this is the best start to a lyric but just something different that came to mind.

Mitchell N Haleyou

“I Believe Nothing Is Pointless.”

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Switching Gears

While Sonic Highways might be about more than just a lyric to many, to me it really is just about the lyric, the embodiment and  the music that caters to the lyric. I’m sure others have different takes on what Sonic Highways is and was about but I must reiterate to me it was all about that lyric embodying various environments and the people within. True lyricist really do draw upon everything and everybody around them.

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The Incomprable

Here is the site of one of the greatest lyricist in modern-day history. I love the fact  the site suggests downloading his music while delving into the site. I love music whether I’m reading or writing. I think music either incites or excites the intellectual and emotion of creation in anything one does. Some of the things I’ve done and said vaguely resonate his tones but when one is the greatest he is bound to reflect everywhere among artists and lyricist, even those aspiring. I honestly really never read about him and only knew who he was until today.

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Some just have your ryhthm

Sometimes a lyricist just searches for those that can reflect a rhythm of soul which they write. This women embodies a lot of the rhythm I have within some of my lyrics. Ella Henderson.

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New Music

So here we have Marina and the Diamonds. Something uniquely special? IDK, I guess you be the judge.

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This is now a professional lyricist platform January 8th, 2015

This is the first post under the name Lyripella. The intent of this blog is everything music with special interest in lyricist, songwriter. This blogs intent is not to be overbearing and trying to find the enjoyable lighter side of music and it’s creation. Life has enough seriousness in it. The hope is to try to find a balance to exploration of music for the masses as well as respecting the independents of the industry.

Michael L. Burris

‘I’m Realistic Beyond Practicality”

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