Lyripella Has Found A Home!

Lyripella has found a home: finally.

I’m going to base Lyripella out of the Nashville, Tennesee area.

A city coined “Music City” just seemed like the logical choice after some cross-country travelling.

My vision is to have Lyripella recognize all genres and all cultures of music: or as many as it can.

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Construction Going On

I extremely dislike the term under construction so Construction is Going On.

In conjunction with this site there will also be a YouTube channel.

While twitter is currently attached to a different site I will also have a new twitter specifically for this site that is mostly causes/music oriented.

Peace out and may you all keep on keeping on.

Michael Lee Burris/Lyrical Lyripella Man

“I will never stop driving a creative wheel of desire and determination always needing GENUINE help along the way.”

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