OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEGO< = >ME win_20161230_19_04_09_pro

          ALTER EGO:                                                                                     BIRTH NAME:         
MITCHELL N HALEYOU                                                               MICHAEL LEE BURRIS

For the lyrical mindset I go by the name Mitchell N Haleyou or Mitchell New Haleyou. This name and picture on the above left are my alter ego.

I’ve written poetry since the age of fourteen. One day I just started hearing lyrics to musical and spoken sound, seeing lyric in verbal and written language and feeling lyrics in everthing, everywhere in almost any environment. Most times I feel blessed, sometimes I feel cursed unable to shut off my lyrical mind.

Within my name you will find a play on words which is N HALE YOU. My goal rather successful or not is to inhale a deep breath, captivate you with a clustered but direct and focused enough thought of my lyrical mind to give you what you might like to create lyrically, then make music extremely well including lyrical clarity for overall song.

The most hopeful result is to have some of the most beautiful and eloquent lyrics ever intended for your music in your overall song.

Lyrical Lyripella Man

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing help along the way.”


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